Working or studying abroad, moving to a foreign country, finding a local guide who speaks your language: these are just a few cases where experts are required to solve problems, facilitate or speed-up both business and learning activities, or simply give you guarantees before leaving.

Despite new technologies have made life easier for people all over the world when looking for information, the complex network of  indications and data is not as easy to unravel. Actually, when travelling or going abroad most information is only available in foreign languages. This is the reason why we have developed a range of consultancy services specifically designed to meet the needs of both individuals and companies deciding to move abroad.

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We are always happy and ready to help you and take care of your needs whether you’re going abroad to practise a language or if you just want to ‘break the ice’ with a foreign language you can barely speak.

Contact us for free consultancy: we will make an accurate analysis of your learning needs and budget requirements in order to offer you tailor-made solutions, give you assistance and help you filling out forms and documents.

We are aware that studying in a foreign country is not a piece of cake but a tough decision. If you are considering moving abroad for studying, you’ll probably need to face different issues, like choosing the best high school or university on the basis of curricula, filling out forms, translating and validating educational qualifications, or finding a place to stay.

We give full assistance to students willing to complete or continue their studies abroad and needing a step-by-step guidance before leaving their home-country.

Although international business development has now become an easy process, your MarCom division may ask for a careful linguistic analysis before undertaking internationalisation: marketing and communication are actually ruled and subject to different dynamics that must be considered in order to ensure effective integration in the new employment market.

 A team of experts is always on hand to assess your needs and find the best solutions to suit your requirements and your budget in order to maximize your presence in any foreign country.

Contact us even if your needs are not listed above; we’ll do our best to provide you with as much information as possible or directly address you to the external professionals that best suit your needs.

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