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Our experience in language and communication let us develop high-quality, fully customisable language training services, specifically designed to meet every student’s needs: we constantly assist both individuals and businesses with total commitment and high professionalism, guiding them in learning foreign languages in a whole new way.

We would like every student to understand that foreign languages are not just a mere variation of their native language: they represent a completely different world needing a deep analysis of its cultural features and linguistic characteristics and varieties in order to be fully understood.

Besides grammar, fluency and sentence structure, which are the true focus of our language training services, every course is then aimed at acquiring and mastering the use of each foreign language in different contexts and living areas of the world. This is carried out by simulating real-life situations through role plays, dialogues and case studies.

In addition, every course is based on a progressive learning process specifically designed to let students fully acquire the target language being studied. As a result, after a careful analysis of each student’s language level, we usually assign the teacher that best suits student’s learning style, language skills and study purposes.

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We provide both European and non-European language courses. For further information, please visit the section that best meets your learning needs.

By choosing one of our language courses, you will have the opportunity to rely on a robust and successful, easy and dynamic method, which does not require any special effort for students. Our method is actually designed on learning styles, a new approach to language teaching, entirely based on the idea that everyone learns in different ways and at different paces by processing specific stimuli or information. Such approach thus allows students to learn according to their own learning process and it is applicable to any language, no matter how different, or writing systems in use.

Lessons are aimed at developing the following language skills:

Every lesson is aimed at allowing students to learn and master either the use of everyday-life language and idioms or business-related vocabulary and topics.

Our teaching staff is exclusively made up of highly qualified teachers shortlisted on the basis of their own experience and competence in language teaching.

Our teachers, both Italians and native-speakers in the target language, will follow you step by step, helping you mastering each level of language skills. Each lesson will then be designed as the next step forward in your progressive learning of a foreign language. They are always happy to adjust the programme to your specific needs, so to make every course flexible and highly dynamic.

Whatever your needs are, our teachers will always be willing to find practical solutions specifically shaped on your training needs and to be carried out in several forms and settings.

Before starting a course, every student is presented with a language placement test based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

With the exception of special or urgent learning needs, beginners will be assigned with Italian mother-tongue or bilingual qualified teachers: we believe that students approaching a language for the first time are best guided by a professional teacher who better understands the issues related to the target language being studied.


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