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In our school we offer both European and non-European languages: our courses are designed on the existing knowledge students have and are developped by our teaching staff through highly customised paths. We are aware to be a valuable and reliable reference point for those wishing to attend a course of eccellence in communication and languages.

Our intent is clear: we want each student to dynamically and actively learn a foreign language or enhance their knowledge via a progressive advancement process aimed at improving their existing degree of knowledge and thus achieving a specific level of language skill.

Our private training services are constantly updating: we are always willing to listen to your needs and then plan, develop and expand our range of course types as fully as possible, as we want to grant access to an increasingly higher number of users, constantly highlighting quality and innovation. If you think that none of the courses on offer is suitable for your needs, please contactac us explaining what you need in detail: we will be glad to develop with you a course that will completely fulfil your needs.

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You can start any of our language courses at any time of the year without time limits or deadlines. We usually structure our courses in convenient 10, 20, 30 or 40-hour packages so that you can develop the most suitable training path for your needs, with optimised rates compared to the single cost of each lesson.

[learn_more caption=”Top Class 10  –   (from 69€)”]

This is designed both for students who have a good starting knowledge of the language and just need to practise specific elements or improve speaking skills, and for students who wish to face a foreign language for the very first time but without committing to achieve a set level of language knowledge.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Top Class 20   –    (from 129€)”]

This is the best choice for students who want to delve into linguistic and cultural aspects of a foreign language and need to achieve a specific goal but not a set level of language knowledge.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Top Class 30    –    (from 249€)”]

This is ideal for students wishing to complete a whole level of language knowledge (for example, going from “beginner” to “pre-intermediate”), analysing and consolidating all the linguistic and cultural aspects needed to achieve this goal.

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”Top Class Plus 40″]

Available for individual courses only, this package includes a deeper analysis on some topics of interest chosen by the student, in addition to the programme of the 30-hour course.


After completing each course, a certificato of attendance will be issued, certifying the level of language knowledge achieved by the student.

In addition to our regular courses, we can provide the following specific training:
[learn_more caption=”Professional Courses”]

Proficiency in a foreign language is a real added value in our current employment market and can really make a difference, especially if it’s specific for a well-defined job sector. These courses are aimed at acquiring and mastering useful language for your profession. Lessons regularly include typical case studies and accurately selected role-plays.


[learn_more caption=”Language Survival Courses”]

Whether you are leaving for a short holiday or for a longer study/work experience, this crash course will provide you with the basics to “survive” in a foreign country. The main goal of this course is giving you all the tools you need for an effective and immediate communication in simple life situations, combining useful language and cultural elements with possible “traps” you can find during your stay abroad.


[learn_more caption=”Kids & Rookies Courses”]

Children and teenagers need to have fun, move around, socialise and be creative. These courses are designed to improve not only their language skills, but also  their social interaction skills and the ability to work with others. There are two types available: afternoon classes during the school year or summer courses for support and improvement of a foreign language.


[learn_more caption=”Courses for language certifications”]

Preparation for the main international language certifications (such as ESOL, TOEFL, Goethe Institut, Testdaf-Institut, DELE, TCF, DELF-DALF) requires a specific course and targeted exercises. The primary purpose of such courses is achieving a proper familiarity with the specific type of test and its objectives.


Please see the news section on our website for specific and live updates on group courses currently being activated.

[learn_more caption=”Individual Courses”]

Highly customisable and flexible, these courses are ideal for people who wish to follow a course according to their own learning pace and scheduling. The programme of study is fully customised and completely styled on your existing knowledge, if any, and learning goals, with activities selected according to your learning style and topics of interest.


[learn_more caption=”Mini-group Courses”]

This is the perfect choice for people who do not like to study on their own, but still wants to benefit from a certain level of flexibility: these courses are planned for small groups of 2 or 3 students. The programme is established on the basis of training needs and learning styles of all participants; pair work activities have a higher prominence, allowing students to equally participate into the lessons. This type of courses is ideal for people wishing to attend classes together with friends or colleagues.


[learn_more caption=”Group Courses”]

Starting from 4 participanta, these courses allow a high degree of communication and interaction with students at the same level. Activities offered during lessons embrace all learning styles and are based on pair work and group work, thus providing a wide variety of exercises and ensuring an effective training.


A successful course is not only built on an excellent planning and well-designed resources; it mainly depends on those professionals who have the key role of assisting with your learning. This is why we have selected qualified professional teachers who have a proven experience in teaching: their role is not just limited to “conveying knowledge” from a textbook; they need to know how to assess and adapt their teaching method, their learning activities and your language training path in accordance with your needs and in relation to your progress during the whole course.

[learn_more caption=”Course on creative writing”]

If you have a novel hidden in your drawer and you think that talent alone is not enough to create a best seller, this course will provide you with many useful elements in order to put your writing skills to the test in several different genres and will put you in touch with other would-be writers like yourself, so to confront, compare and get inspiration for your first masterpiece!


[learn_more caption=”Writing a successful CV”]

A curriculum vitae is our first business card when we offer our skills and experience to a potential employer. Therefore, it is important to know how to present and “sell” ourselves properly, following simple, basic rules and effectively conveying our information. This course will show you how to present your personal abilities, experience and knowledge, in order to make your CV stand out and have an additional chance to get your dream job!


[learn_more caption=”Successful CV & Job-Interview”]

Employment market in Italy is very different from other countries and it is essential knowing what basic steps to take: the stake is high when your competing for your dream job! If you are taking your chances at finding a job in Italy, this course will grant you the suitable preparation to face a completely new employment market.


[learn_more caption=”Translation Seminars”]

Working as a translator is not easy. We are well aware of this. That is the reason why we organise specific seminars on different aspects and various sectors of translation, open to both professional translators who want to be up to date, and people who are moving their first steps towards this profession and do not really know where to start from.


We have a disabled-friendly system that makes our facilities easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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